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Paraphrasing vs Summarizing vs Quoting

Paraphrasing, summarizing and quoting, what are their differences? It may be very confusing to know if you are not a writer. But even so, you may still be assigned with such tasks as a student or as a professional. Thus, it may help to know what they are, what their differences are and how “paraphrase for me” services work so check out this post for your information.
quoting vs paraphrasing vs summarizing

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  • Paraphrasing is an activity involved putting a passage from a source material into your own words.
  • Quoting must be identical to the original. It makes use of a narrow segment of the source material.
  • Summarizing involves putting the main idea using your own words, but only including the main point or points.

The Purpose

  1. Paraphrasing is concerned primarily with the restatement of the source material in a form, which isn’t identical with the original.
  2. Quoting, on the other hand, is an exact reproduction of written or spoken words.
  3. Summarizing results to a condensed version of the source material, meaning it is shorter.

Words and Sentence Structure

A paraphrased material is shorter than the original while quoted material is the same length and wording, or it matches the source document word for word. On the other hand is a summarized version, which is typically shorter than the original because it is a condensed version or form. If all this is still confusing for you, you can ask “help me paraphrase” services for help.

What Are the Main Features?

A paraphrased copy is focused on one plus paragraphs in the source while a quoted material is usually only a brief portion or segment of the original text. On the other hand is a summarized version that is the broad copy or an overview of the original material.

When to Use


  • To use another person’s words without plagiarizing
  • To make a simpler or more understandable version of the text for your readers


  • To discuss the actual language of a text
  • When you risk losing the essence of the writer’s ideas in the translation
  • When you want to appeal to the authority of the author


  • To identify only the main ideas of the writer
  • To give only an overview of the topic from a few sources
  • To simplify a complex argument
  • To condense the matter in order for it to suit your requirement

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