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Tips on Paraphrasing Quotes

Paraphrasing quotes isn’t tough, but what it involves depends almost entirely on what you want to do with it. If you want to go about paraphrasing quotes from a particular person, you’re probably going to want to cite them. Paraphrasing quotes from books is an entirely different beast. In fact, paraphrasing quotes from electronic sources has now started to complicate matters even more.

Paraphrasing Quotes from People

  • If you interview a person, you’ll probably have a notepad with direct quotes. Those can always be used, or you can paraphrase a quote when the need arises.
  • Paraphrasing sources is great when you have a news source. You might even try quoting and paraphrasing from databases of older news stories when working on a project.
  • When you do paraphrasing sources remember to demonstrate a topic at first.
  • After you demonstrate a topic, provide evidence for the prior statement.
  • Once you’ve done these two things, you are ready to actually analyze the information that you’ve collected from the source in the first place.

Paraphrasing Quotes from Books

  • Try paraphrasing a quote from different encyclopedia sets. While we think of the Internet as the primary source of information these days, it doesn’t have to be.
  • Quoting and paraphrasing from reference materials can be tough. You might want to make your prose sound less informational than what was provided.
  • Paraphrase a quote when a direct quote doesn’t make sense. You might even have set limits on how much text you can take from a book.
  • If you cite correctly, you can paraphrase quotes alongside your regular text. Just make sure that footnotes are placed in their proper position or that you’ve inserted parenthesis to delineate the fact that at least a little bit of what you said wasn’t from your own mind.

Paraphrasing.Biz for Quotes

  • Remember to always cite where you got information.
  • You still need to cite sources even if you paraphrase quotes into your own words.
  • Remember to use quotation marks at any time when you’re not paraphrasing a quote.
  • However, you can always get some professional help from expert paraphrasing services to cover your “rephrase my thesis” requests.