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Secrets of Paraphrasing a Poem

People often complain that they can’t understand verse so paraphrasing a poem could be a great way to make things clearer. In fact, teachers might want to try paraphrasing a poem before they give it to students. This could help increase retention of the material.

Paraphrasing a Poem for Class

  • Instructors are paraphrasing poems now, and you might want to follow along.
  • You could also assign a student to paraphrase a poem as an assignment.
  • Those who receive such assignments will want to avoid inserting contractions where they weren’t previously present.
  • Sounding unnecessarily formal when the material doesn’t call for it might come off as silly.
  • Remember that you can keep a serious tone without coming off as a literary critic.

Paraphrasing a Poem as Prose

  • Paraphrasing a poem gives you an opportunity to make it into prose. You can do this if you still want it to have a literary quality.
  • While it doesn’t need to be dry, the act of paraphrasing poetry should make it into something more readable.
  • Paraphrase a poem in your head when you don’t understand what the author is saying.
  • You might consider reworking the verse if it doesn’t have a proper flow. Ironically, many poems are referred to as songs even though they don’t have any accompanying music.

Paraphrasing.Biz Poetry

To show you what paraphrasing a poem is like, we decided to offer you a quick example. Consider the following lines of verse:

“Is it the scream of some tiny sudsu fly, or is it rather the chirruping shriek of the grasshopper that, as the old song tells, doth cry through the chilly nights when the hoar-frosts lie. The even latens fast, and darksome night us threatens ere we have attained yon nearing shore, while yet the day is light.”

After paraphrasing poetry, it might be a bit more readable. Consider this example of paraphrasing poems:

“One cannot be sure if the sound was made by insects or not. Nevertheless, the evening air is rather disturbing and we’re feeling unsettled.”