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Our Example of Paraphrasing

Can an Example of Paraphrasing Help You?

When we paraphrase we repeat what someone else has said or written in our own words and phrasing. The aim is to fully repeat the original meaning but use totally different language from the original. We do this to simplify things or make them suitable for a different audience or to avoid plagiarism or copying. However, despite it sounding like a simple task many writers have great difficulty with it.

Many find that they are unable to avoid paraphrase plagiarism as they keep reusing too much of the original text. Others completely fail to repeat the original meaning or they change it in some way. By using a paraphrase sample however you can learn to see just how you should paraphrase.

How to Use a Paraphrase Sample

example of paraphrasing onlineSamples are an effective way to learn how to do paraphrasing. Especially as many of the academic tasks that you will be asked to do will have already been paraphrased many times over and you will often be able to find versions online. However you do need to ensure that you don’t use samples incorrectly. You should never just simply copy a paraphrased version of something; even if it is a rewritten copy you would still be committing plagiarism is you copy the copy.

A sample can only be used to provide you with the guidance that you need to understand how to paraphrase. They can also help you get started by showing the different ways that you can approach your paraphrasing.

How to Approach Your Own Paraphrasing

paraphrase sampleIf you are tempted to use a paraphrase machine to provide you with automatic paraphrasing you do need to consider if the quality that you will receive will be sufficient for your purposes. While these services are often free and very quick they are not very often effective. The following is an example paraphrase produced by an automatic paraphrase creator:


“Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few” Sir Winston Churchill

Paraphrased version:

“Never in the field of human clash was such a great amount of owed by such a variety of to so few”

As you can see an automatic piece of software rarely produces good results. If you want to have paraphrasing is useable then it is always best done by a person. The following are some simple hints that you can use to do your own paraphrasing so that it will be well written and targeted for your audience:

  • Clearly identify who your target audience is and reasons for paraphrasing
  • Read the source material several times until you are fully confident that you understand it
  • Create notes of each of the points that are raised in your own words
  • Reorganize your notes into a logical flow
  • Rewrite using only your notes without referring to the original text
  • Compare your rewritten version to the original to ensure that you have not inadvertently copied any text
  • Make sure that your version fully repeats all of the points of the original

Paraphrased version:

We Can Provide Your Original Paraphrasing

example of paraphrasingWhether you are avoiding plagiarism or want to simply show that you fully understand the original our paraphrasing services are here to help you. We provide direct communication with a reworder that is going to be fully qualified in the field of your rewriting as well as being highly experienced in all aspects of paraphrasing. They will be able to correctly format your work as well as making correct citations. All work that we provide is checked for plagiarism and also fully proofread to eliminate any possibility of writing errors.

So if you have been looking for an example of paraphrasing and still need help with your rewriting just contact our experts here today for affordable and reliable paraphrase help!