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How to Rephrase my Sentence

Rephrase my Sentence – Getting Help

The most pressing questions students ask themselves upon writing a college paper are:

  • What to write?
  • What reference to use?
  • How to rephrase my sentence?

The first two questions can be answered right away, once research commence; but the last question boggles a student mind until the very end of the topic discussion. Up to the final sentence of the paper, choosing the right word and a more appropriate sentence structure is necessary.  Moreover, that part of the paper that inserts another person’s work integrated into the whole discussion, offers the most pressuring rephrasing challenge. A low level of rephrasing skill leads to accidental plagiarism and lack of intellectual credibility.  Thus, the question “How to rephrase my sentence?” should be dealt right away, with the help from an expert in this field. Paraphrasing services online never run out of experts willing to share their best practices.

Steps in Rephrasing my Sentence

More students asking for rephrasing sentence service means more business opportunities for these paraphrasing experts. Here is the list of steps that most online experts recommend to answer the question “how to rephrase my sentence?”

  • Read, read, and read until reaching a full understanding.
  • Circle the words that matter. Left out irrelevant words to make it simple.
  • Decide how to say it differently by changing the words in the sentence. Synonyms can be your best bet.
  • Check the word usage. Make sure they mean the same by checking thesaurus.
  • Do not ever try to reword piece by piece.
  • If you have a long and complex sentence, develop short phrases that are relevant.
  • Try inverting the sentence to see how it sounds. Take note of the voice. The voice may give you a hint what is the most suitable structure.
  • Double check the new sentence and compare it from the original.
  • Listen to yourself as you read the two sentences, do they deliver the same message?
  • Be consistent in your sentence structure. It would be best to maintain the rephrasing style until finish.
  • Continue practicing the skill for your next paper, and answer your own question “How to rephrase my sentence”.