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How to Paraphrase Effectively

To paraphrase, there are things you need to know. You should remember about paraphrasing, summarizing and quotations and paraphrasing plagiarism. These three are different and knowing the difference between them will help you to get started.

Paraphrasing Effectively


  • Changes the word
  • Should be attributed to the primary source
  • Involves putting a passage coming from the original text
  • Doesn’t match the source word per word


  • Involves putting the main idea by using your own words
  • Must present a broad overview
  • Should be attributed to the original source
  • Doesn’t match the source word per word


  • Match the source word per word
  • Usually brief
  • Appear between quotation marks
  • Attributed to the original source

When to Paraphrase

  • Alternative to direct quotation
  • To rewrite others ideas
  • To express other ideas by using your own words
  • To support claims and to provide evidence for your writing

Paraphrasing Methods

  • You need to use different vocabulary with the same meaning so that you will not change the meaning of the primary source
  • In paraphrasing, you need to change the order of the words to avoid plagiarism
  • It is essential to use different grammar

In addition, there are also principles to keep in mind while paraphrasing:

  • You need to analyze and not just paraphrase
  • Avoid including all the information in the original source
  • You do not need to change each word

paraphrase for me onlineIn paraphrasing, you also need to keep the length of your paraphrased paper same as the original one. You have to avoid changing the meaning by adding your own views or opinions and make sure that you do not use the same structure just like the primary source. As much as possible, it is better when you use another structure to avoid plagiarism. Finally, you should remember all the rules, the methods, the principles as well as the tips in paraphrasing to do the right thing.

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